Thread Lift

Thread Lift

Thread Lift In Chicago, IL & Kenosha, WI

A thread lift is a non-surgical facelift that can achieve a more youthful appearance with virtually no downtime while maintaining a natural-looking result. As a result, patients can achieve natural-looking improvements to their facial profile and see results almost immediately. Unlike a facelift, our Board-Certified Aesthetic doctor, Dr. Felicia Mata-Stein will make a tiny entry site, and the suture thread is advanced under the skin to suspend, lift and tighten the cheeks and jowls.

Aging can take quite a toll on your skin. While there are cosmetic treatments out there to target fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin poses a different problem. In fact, the only option that patients have had to tighten drooping skin such as jowls have been cosmetic surgery. Of course, we know that not all patients want to undergo invasive surgeries in order to get results. That’s why we are providing thread lifts, a simple solution that can restore firmness back into your skin without needing surgery, here at Denthetics, LLC.

About Thread Lift

While cosmetic surgery actually removes loose skin in order to provide a tighter appearance, thread lifts suspends the skin with stitches to lift and tighten. This procedure also stimulates the body’s natural healing response to produce collagen, a substance that helps keep skin supple and firm.

As we get older, our bodies naturally lose collagen, which results in wrinkled, sagging skin. By stimulating the production of collagen we can provide a natural approach to treating loose, aging skin. Not only will thread lift provide instant results, it will also continue to provide rejuvenating benefits as it stimulates collagen production. While thread lift treatment won’t be able to provide the same drastic results as surgery it can lift the skin several millimeters and be a great alternative to surgery.

The thread lift procedure is quick and takes 30-45 minutes in the dentist’s office. Although the threads are dissolvable sutures and tend to dissolve by about six months, they have the added benefit of triggering collagen production in the face. Collagen keeps our skin looking healthy and fresh, supports our skin, and extends the results of the thread beyond one year, long after the sutures have been absorbed.

The Benefits of Thread Lift

Thread lifts may be a better option for patients looking to tweak their facial proportions, not dramatically changing their faces. In addition, Kenosha patients who are not good candidates for surgery based on their health or those who cannot take the time to recover from surgery can choose thread lifts in Kenosha instead.

  • Soften Smile Lines, Define the Jaw, & Tighten the Neck
  • Minimal Bruising & Swelling
  • Short Recovery/Idle Time (1-2 weeks)
  • No Scarring
  • No Operating Room or General Anesthesia
  • Excellent Results Almost Instantly!

The results from a thread lift can last up to 2 years. The threads remain in place for about four to six months, after which the body slowly re-absorbs them. At that time, new collagen production is underway. Many clients who love the results keep coming back for more every four months to continue collagen stimulation. If you want it fuller, dermal fillers can be added. The more natural it looks, the sexier. If you already lost the philtrum (groove between the upper lip) due to aging, it can be rejuvenated for a younger beautiful lips.

Candidates for a Thread Lift

An ideal candidate is anyone with mild to moderate skin laxity but who wants to avoid spending the time and money to undergo a surgical facelift. Most clients are in their late 30s to early 50s and are just starting to see signs of aging. As with any cosmetic procedure, if you are generally in good health, a thread lift can be an excellent option to support your anti-aging skincare efforts.

Thread Lift Vs. Facelift

There is no question that a facelift will give you the best result. Any non-surgical intervention will produce subtle improvements in the face. For some patients, a significant drawback of the facelift is its associated downtime. It is a surgical procedure done under general anesthesia and will require 1-2 weeks off work for recovery and for swelling to come down. The recovery from a thread lift is comparatively light. Local anesthesia (lidocaine) is used instead of general anesthesia. There is some redness and swelling after the procedure, and while some patients may wish to take off the rest of the day, most can return to work the same day. This minimal downtime is ideal and works well for patients who have busy schedules.

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Call aesthetic provider at (262) 612-3807 to schedule a consultation. Our cosmetic dentist in Kenosha, Dr. Felicia Mata-Stein, treats many patients with thread lifts from Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie, Somers, Sturtevant, and many surrounding areas. Our Kenosha dentist, Dr. Mata-Stein also treats patients with thread lifts from Chicago IL.

Before & After Thread Lift Photos

Thread Lift in Kenosha WI | Denthetics Kenosha Cosmetic & Family Dentist
Look at the subtle change of the before and after pictures. The upper lip tip is more defined and the upper and lower lips are smoother.

Thread Lift in Kenosha | Denthetics Kenosha Non-surgical facelift

In this before and after pictures, the jowls were lifted using collagen threads. It’s a subtle change than can smoothen the face. No incision facelift!

Thread Lift Kenosha WI | Denthetics Kenosha Cosmetic & Family Dentist

Lip Thread Lift for a younger, smoother, sexier lips!

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