Airway Orthodontics

Airway Orthodontics

Airway Orthodontics Kenosha WI | Denthetics, LLC Family Dentist KenoshaMost people consider braces for themselves or their children to improve the appearance and aesthetics of their smiles; however, orthodontic treatment can also provide a wide range of health benefits for yourself or your child that goes beyond just a beautiful set of teeth. Our family dentist at Denthetics, LLC offers airway orthodontics to improve the overall sleep quality for children and adults.

Crooked teeth and malocclusions (overbites, underbites) can sometimes affect your ability to breathe correctly, resulting in mouth breathing, obstructive sleep apnea, shallow breathing, and even chronic sinus infections. Fortunately, airways orthodontics seeks to correct smiles to improve your ability to breathe, which benefits your overall health. Contact our Denthetics, LLC dental team to schedule a personalized consultation to see if airway orthodontics is the right treatment for your child.

What Is Airway Orthodontics?

Airway Orthodontics is an approach to help alleviate breathing troubles due to common malocclusions or “bad bites”. Orthodontic treatment may come in the form of traditional bracket-and-wire braces or other options depending on your age, lifestyle, and the problems you want to treat with braces.

What Are The Benefits Of Airway Orthodontics?

One of the main benefits of getting airway orthodontics is improving your or your child’s quality of sleep each night. If you’ve been told that you have obstructive sleep apnea, it’s worth talking with our dental team to find out if orthodontic treatment to correct your misaligned smile could provide you with the relief you need from your obstructed breathing.

If you’re considering braces for your child, early treatment can promote healthy facial development. Furthermore, airway orthodontics could reduce your or your child’s risk of needing jaw surgery later in life.

If your child is encountering any of the following symptoms, contact Dr. Felicia Mata for a consultation at Denthetics, LLC, to see if they may benefit from airway orthodontics:

  • Mouth breathing
  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Thumb sucking
  • Snoring
  • Teeth grinding and excessive tooth wear
  • Recurrent ear infection
  • Recessed or protruded lower jaw
  • Narrow jaw
  • Crooked teeth
  • TMJ disorder
  • Migraine headaches

Airway Orthodontic Treatments

Some of the treatments Dr. Felicia Mata uses for airway orthodontics in Kenosha include:

Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional treatment may also involve specific training procedures to exercise the mouth and facial muscles. Myofunctional therapy works on the principle that the cause of malocclusion is muscle dysfunction. Early in life, children may show signs such as mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, thumb sucking, and incorrect swallowing – all of which may cause malocclusion. Correcting these dysfunctional habits corrects malocclusion (with early intervention) and can improve facial growth.

Myofunctional therapy is not just about shifting the teeth. The first point of treatment is to make space for the tongue to occupy the maxilla. The second focus is to ensure the patient breathes through their nose with their lips closed. It is easier to achieve proper arch development and dental alignment if the patient is breathing via their nose.

The Myobrace System

The Myobrace system uses a series of removable oral devices known as “trainers” and Myofunctional training exercises. The procedure helps the child’s development and improves breathing and sleep by correcting the underlying issues responsible for crooked teeth and narrow palates in the first place – ensuring a beautiful smile and a healthy body.

The child will need to wear the “trainers” for one or two hours during the day and throughout the night – every day for effectiveness. The Myobrace is custom-made for the child or teen to develop their jaws, open the airway, and move the teeth to proper alignment.

Tongue-Tie Treatment

Also known as a lingual frenectomy, the procedure involves using lasers to free or cut the frenulum away from under the tongue. By using lasers, no incision is necessary. In addition, lasers significantly lower the chance of pain and enhance the process to finish much more quickly. The procedure is required to free the tongue from being bound to the floor of the patient’s mouth.

Schedule A Personalized Consultation At Denthetics, LLC

Call our Kenosha dental team at 262-612-3807 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Felicia Mata. Our family dentist, Dr. Felicia Mata, treats many patients with airway orthodontics from Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie, Somers, Sturtevant, Mt. Pleasant, and many surrounding areas. Dr. Mata also treats airway orthodontic patients at her Chicago office in The Loop area.

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