Common BOTOX Questions

Common BOTOX Questions

How does BOTOX work?

Botox injectable is a diluted form of botulinum toxin, a neurotoxin that our Board-Certified Aesthetics provider, Dr. Felicia Mata-Stein injects with a needle into a specific area of your face or body. The neurotoxin blocks the local nerve impulses to the muscles of the face.

As a result, stubborn wrinkles that form when the muscle contracts will begin to decrease or vanish altogether. However, when Botox is used to treat excessive sweating, it prevents nerve signals from reaching your sweat glands. By preventing the contraction of specific muscles, less action or pull is placed on the skin, decreasing wrinkles and stress.

What Will BOTOX treat?

Botox injections is best known for treating wrinkles, but it can also provide treatments to other areas of the face including:

Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet are wrinkles formed on the eye’s corner. At times, crow’s feet appear deeper in the skin than other wrinkles on the face. Some causes of crow’s feet include sun exposure, genetics, and a loss of collagen that comes with age.


As lines and wrinkles develop around the mouth, Botox can be used to lessen these wrinkles around the mouth that aging, genetics, or overworking the facial muscles can cause.

Gum Smile “Gummy Smile”

Often called the gummy smile, Dr. Mata-Stein can use Botox to help reduce the visible gum when you smile. A gummy smile occurs for several reasons, including a short upper lip, excessive gum tissue, or small teeth.

Reduce Sweating

If you sweat in access in your armpits, Botox can provide a quick and easy solution to minimize the sweat. Botox injectable works by blocking the secretion of chemicals that activates your sweat glands.

TMJ Disorder

TMJ/TMD is a joint disorder that affects the jaw. TMJ disorder can cause migraines and difficulty speaking or chewing. Botox for TMJ disorder is a fast, easy, and effective procedure involving injecting the neurotoxin into the jaw muscles, forehead, temples. These targeted injections help reduce pain and stress, resulting in fewer jaw-popping or migraines.

Is It Safe to Get Botox?

Botox injectables are known to be very safe and effective. Studies show that side effects occur in less than 2% of Botox patients. The overall risk is minimal.

How Long Does Botox Last?

Botox can typically last between 3-4 months or, in some cases, up to 6 months, depending on factors such as the injection location and age. It’s common for new users to notice that their first treatment may last for less time. In contrast, their maintenance treatments will typically last for a more extended number of months.

Is Botox Treatment Right For Me?

Botox treatments are perfect for people of all ages and different lifestyles. Dr. Mata-Stein uses it to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines while refreshing the skin or as a prevention tool for those in their 20s and 30s.

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