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Gum Rejuvenation – Treat Gum Recession & Gum Disease

Gum Rejuvenation Kenosha | Dr. Felicia Mata-Stein | Dentist in KenoshaMany patients with periodontal disease and gum recession avoid treatment due to the traditional, often painful, gum grafting surgery. However, with advancements in technology and the development of the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique, by Dr. John Chao, there is a minimally invasive gum recession treatment. To ease dental anxiety, our family and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Felicia Mata-Stein, offers patients pinhole gum rejuvenation in Kenosha to restore the gum line and protect the roots of their teeth.

What Is Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Treatment?

Pinhole gum rejuvenation therapy is a revolutionary alternative treatment to conventional gum surgery. The pinhole technique eliminates the need for scalpels, tissue grafts, and invasive treatment by reshaping the gum tissue around the teeth. The Pinhole technique utilizes specialized tools inserted through a tiny “pinhole” just above the tooth. Our cosmetic and restorative dentist, Dr. Mata-Stein, then positions the tissue back over the teeth, and small collagen strips secure the gums. As a result, patients can be treated pinhole gum rejuvenation in Kenosha at Denthetics, LLC in a single appointment with immediate results and minimal downtime or recovery.

Why Do The Gums Recede?

Gum recession, or gingival recession, is when the gum tissue pulls away or recedes from the teeth. When the tooth’s root is exposed, a natural side effect is the formation of pockets or gaps between the teeth and the gum line. These gaps create the perfect environment for bacteria and plaque to develop and fester. As a result, gum recession makes a patient much more susceptible to decay and gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss.

Common Causes Of Gum Recession

Brushing too hard: Aggressive brushing is often mistaken as thorough brushing and vigorous brushing can cause your gums to recede. Using the wrong brush: Always use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your teeth. Teeth grinding: Grinding your teeth unconsciously while sleeping or even during the day can lead to many oral health problems. A mouth guard is the best solution to keep your gums and teeth safe while you sleep. Misalignment: Abnormal tooth positioning can contribute to gum recession when there is too much force is placed on the gums and jawbone. Gum Disease: Poor oral hygiene habits. Not routinely brushing and flossing your teeth can create numerous dental issues, including periodontal gum disease. If you develop gum disease because of plaque buildup and bacteria, you can be at risk for oral health complications, including gum recession. Genetics: If other family members have experienced gum recession, you’re also at a higher risk of developing it.

Benefits of Gum Rejuvenation

Patients with gum recession and gum disease love the pinhole surgical technique since it is minimally invasive and requires no incisions or sutures. The gum rejuvenation treatment in Kenosha is quick and effective treatment for gum recession and gum disease while being virtually pain-free and requiring minimal recovery time. Patients can resume normal activities on the same day as their procedure. Unique benefits of the Pinhole technique include the following:
  • Less gum tissue trauma, bleeding, and swelling
  • Minimally invasive and comfortable with sedation
  • No need for scalpels, cutting, sutures, or tissue grafts
  • High success rate and long-term results
  • Multiple areas of gum recession treated at once

Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation Vs. Traditional Gum Grafting

Many dental offices still recommend traditional tissue grafting as an effective treatment option for gum recession. Although it is similar to soft tissue grafting, the Pinhole gum rejuvenation treatment has many advantages over traditional tissue grafts. Because of the minimally-invasive nature of the procedure, Kenosha patients benefit from reduced recovery time, minimized side effects, and better treatment outcomes with gum rejuvenation by Dr. Felicia Mata-Stein.

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