Laser Dentistry for the Whole Family

Dr. Mata’s favorite equipment in her practice is her Biolase. “It is important to treat small cavities before it gets close to the pulp especially if it’s a child’s first cavity. There’s no need for shots if it’s caught early using the laser. The experience is not traumatic especially if it’s their first visit to the dentist!”

The best experience Dr. Mata wants for her patients when undergoing procedures like Frenectomy due to tongue tie, speech problems, and airway issues contributing to Sleep Apnea and Bruxism or Teeth Grinding, gum treatment due to periodontal disease, and crown lengthening to save teeth (e.g., due to fracture below the gum line )- is way less traumatic experience, less anaesthetic, less post-op discomfort, and fast healing!

This can be achieved with Biolase/ Waterlase laser treatment. Book an appointment here and don’t allow fear prevent you from getting better.

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